Digital Event

Within the CAREERS event, participants will be able to attend:

Panel Sessions and Roundtables
Virtual Job Fair
Job Meetings

Companies from the Aeronautics, Space and Defence sectors will have the opportunity to connect with
students, young engineers and other HR exploring job opportunities.

All Speakers List

  • Ana Noronha, Executive Director @ Ciência Viva
  • Arlindo Duarte, Human Resources Director @ Embraer
  • Arnaldo Frade, Regional Delegate @ IEFP
  • Bruno Carvalho, CEO @ D-Orbit Portugal
  • Carlos Maio, CEO @ QSR Consulting
  • Catarina Bastos, Project Manager and Bid Manager @ Deimos
  • Francisco Cunha, CEO @ GEOSAT
  • Friederike Fechner, Project Manager Pro @ Technicale
  • Gustavo Rodrigues, CEO @ Stratosphere
  • Hélder Silva, Head of Space Software @ Edisoft
  • Ivo Vieira, CEO @ Lusospace
  • João Cintra, Section Head for Homeland Security and Def. @ GMV
  • João Frade, Talent Acquisition Lead @ Thales Group
  • José Guerrero, CEO @ CRIDA
  • José Luis Reis, Head of Institutional Relations @ EID
  • José Rui Marcelino, CEO @ Almadesign
  • Luís Teixeira, Business Development Manager @ ETI
  • Mara Caeiro, Partner @ QSR Consulting
  • Marta Gonçalves, Education and Science Officer @ Portugal Space
  • Natália Alves, Assistant Professor @ Univ. of Lisbon
  • Nuno Carvalho, Full Professor @ Univ. of Aveiro
  • Paola Fantini, Director of Education @ EIT Manufacturing
  • Ricardo Mesquita, Director of Innovation and Business transformation @ NOVA SBE
  • Rita Baptista, Human Resources Director @ OGMA
  • Rui Santos, Managing Director @ AED Cluster Portugal
  • Tânia Marques, Head of Unit – HR Development and Corporate Training @ ISQ
  • Veronika Eckstein, Head of Digital Academy @ Airbus