26 MAY
Digital Event

Within the CAREERS event, participants will be able to attend:

Panel Sessions and Roundtables
Virtual Job Fair
Job/Training Meetings
Students Challenge (1.000€ prize)

Companies from the Aeronautics, Space and Defence sectors will have the opportunity to connect with
students, young engineers and other HR exploring job and training opportunities.


All Speakers List

  • Ana Noronha, Executive Director @ Ciência Viva
  • Arlindo Duarte, Human Resources Director @ Embraer
  • Arnaldo Frade, Regional Delegate @ IEFP
  • Bruno Carvalho, CEO @ D-Orbit Portugal
  • Carlos Maio, CEO @ QSR Consulting
  • Catarina Bastos, Project Manager and Bid Manager @ Deimos
  • Francisco Cunha, CEO @ GEOSAT
  • Friederike Fechner, Project Manager Pro @ Technicale
  • Gustavo Rodrigues, CEO @ Stratosphere
  • Hélder Silva, Head of Space Software @ Edisoft
  • Ivo Vieira, CEO @ Lusospace
  • João Cintra, Section Head for Homeland Security and Def. @ GMV
  • João Frade, Talent Acquisition Lead @ Thales Group
  • José Guerrero, CEO @ CRIDA
  • José Luis Reis, Head of Institutional Relations @ EID
  • José Rui Marcelino, CEO @ Almadesign
  • Luís Teixeira, Business Development Manager @ ETI
  • Mara Caeiro, Partner @ QSR Consulting
  • Marta Gonçalves, Education and Science Officer @ Portugal Space
  • Natália Alves, Assistant Professor @ Univ. of Lisbon
  • Nuno Carvalho, Full Professor @ Univ. of Aveiro
  • Paola Fantini, Director of Education @ EIT Manufacturing
  • Ricardo Mesquita, Director of Innovation and Business transformation @ NOVA SBE
  • Rita Baptista, Human Resources Director @ OGMA
  • Rui Santos, Managing Director @ AED Cluster Portugal
  • Tânia Marques, Head of Unit – HR Development and Corporate Training @ ISQ
  • Veronika Eckstein, Head of Digital Academy @ Airbus